How to replace corroded or damaged cavity wall ties?

What is a wall tie?

An essential component of cavity wall construction, wall ties are used to connect the inner load bearing leaf to the protective outer leaf of a building, thereby providing structural stability. Nowadays, wall ties are typically manufactured from stainless steel due to its corrosion resistant properties, but this has not always been the case and some older buildings may include wall ties manufactured from other materials.

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Helifix Dixie piled foundations for new-build, modular and temporary structures

Dixie Piles New Build

Download the new piling brochure for new permanent and temporary buildings

A new brochure from Helifix provides details of how its versatile, high performance, Dixie micro-pile system can be used to provide reliable and economical structural support for new permanent and temporary buildings. Piled foundations are typically more cost-effective than traditional foundations requiring deep excavations, when load-bearing strata is at a deeper level.

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How to overcome damage from foundation settlement

What causes foundation movement?

When there is downward movement of the soil strata beneath a building, there is downward movement of the foundations, also known as subsidence. The most common indicator of foundation movement is cracking in a structure. Typically, subsidence related fractures are tapered diagonal cracks, often found around doors and openings.

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Visit Helifix at Bridges 2016


Helifix will be exhibiting alongside Goldhawk at the 24th annual Bridges Conference & Exhibition in 2016. The event will feature a series of high-quality presentations from top-level engineers, bridge owners and specialists in the industry; an exhibition showcasing technology and services specific to the bridge engineering and asset management sector.

Taking place at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 16 March 2016 visitors will have the chance to talk to our technical staff on stand B15.

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New animated installation video for the Helifix Dixie micro-pile

Helifix has created a new animation which shows step by step installation procedures for its versatile Dixie micro-pile. The animation clearly demonstrates how these high performance micro-piles can be used either to stabilise existing buildings that are suffering from subsidence or to help form secure and level foundations for new constructions.

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Supporting the principles of ‘Conservation Philosophy’

There is now far greater awareness throughout the construction industry of conservation philosophy and the need for sympathetic repair techniques to sustain our built environment. The general principles and ethics of this philosophy are more widely applied, including minimal intervention, maximum retention of the original building fabric and preservation of the building’s original aesthetics and appearance. Expressions such as ‘conserve as found’ and ‘minimum loss of authenticity’, separate conservation work from standard repair and maintenance.

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