Helifix confirms CE marking compliance

Wall ties, fixings and masonry reinforcement specialist, Helifix, has completed all CE Marking requirements for its new build and masonry repair product range.

Under the EU Construction Products Regulation, all construction products manufactured after 1st July 2013 and covered either by a harmonised European standard or a European Technical Approval must carry the CE mark, or cannot legally be sold in the UK or any other member state of the EEA.

Helifix is pleased to announce that all its products affected by the CPR will carry the necessary CE marking from 1st July 2013 and a Declaration of Performance for each is available to download below.

Stainless steel new build wall ties – TimTie, TurboTie and StarTie
H01_01_EN – TimTie (45)
H02_01_EN – TurboTie (80)
H03_01_EN – StarTie (80)

Versatile remedial tying and pinning system – DryFix
H08_02_EN – DryFix (80)
H09_02_EN – DryFix (10)
H14_00_EN – DryFix (12)

Multi-purpose fully grouted – CemTie
H04_02_EN – CemTie (80)
H05_02_EN – CemTie (10)

Structural reinforcement and crack stitching bar – HeliBar
H06_02_EN – HeliBar (60)
H07_02_EN – HeliBar (80)
H10_02_EN – HeliBar (Super 6)
H13_01_EN – HeliBar (10)

H15_00_EN – HeliBar (12)

Helifix’s CE marking compliance follows an extensive programme of independent product testing, at approved facilities in the UK and Germany, in line with the requirements of the harmonised European Standard BS EN 845 Part 1: Specification for ancillary components for masonry. Ties.

John Heseltine, Helifix Technical Manager, said,

“2013 will see CE marking on our innovative range of new build wall ties for the first time, however we have been CE marking other products we supply to mainland Europe for some years, meaning we were better prepared for this new EU legislation than some other UK businesses.”

“At Helifix, we have always recognised the importance of product testing and our test data spans many years, going far beyond basic legal compliance. Our in-depth understanding of how our unique helical profile performs in various substrates and wall constructions enables Helifix engineers to offer technically-sound, project-specific masonry repair solutions.”

For more information or to request a hard copy of a Declaration, please contact Helifix on 020 8735 5200 or email sales@helifix.co.uk.