PolyPlus cartridge 400ml

General purpose polyester resin

Helifix PolyPlus

PolyPlus is a general purpose, two part, nozzle-mixed polyester resin for securing remedial wall ties and resin bonded anchors.


  • For securing remedial wall ties, resin bonded anchors and threaded rods
  • Used to secure RetroTie and Resitie remedial wall ties
  • Two part nozzle-mixed resin for consistent quality
  • Anchors without expansion pressure
  • Clean and easy to use in all types of masonry
  • 400ml part-usable coaxial cartridge


Directions for use as a Resin Anchor
(See individual Product Sheets on RetroTie and ResiTie for these applications)

  1. Drill the hole to the correct diameter and depth using a rotary percussion drill.
  2. Clean the hole using a stiff wire or nylon brush and clean compressed air or blow pump
  3. Once the hole is prepared remove the screw cap from the cartridge.
  4. Attach mixer nozzle, place in applicator gun and dispense the first part of the cartridge to waste until an even colour is achieved
  5. Insert the mixer nozzle to the far end of the hole and half fill hole (depending upon the application). Withdraw nozzle as you fill the hole. For deep holes, extension tubing can be used.
  6. Immediately insert the tie or fixing using a slight twisting motion.
  7. Excess resin should be removed from the mouth of the hole before it sets.
  8. Leave the fixing undisturbed until loading time has elapsed, then attach the fixture and tighten the nut.

For full technical details and loading capacities, call Helifix for the relevant Technical Information Sheet.

For Health & Safety information, call Helifix for the relevant Safety Data Sheet.