HeliBar for New Builds


The Helibeam System is an ideal means of cost-effectively providing new masonry structures with reliable, long term, engineered reinforcement. Extremely simple to install during construction, the Helibeam System uses HeliBar stainless steel reinforcing bars which bond with the mortar/masonry to become an integral and unseen part of the structure by forming reinforced beams.

From its widespread and proven remedial applications in existing masonry, where loads are largely indeterminate, the Helibeam System is readily applied to new masonry designs where loads are able to be defined and the characteristics of the masonry can be predicted and controlled. Helibeam technical design data are supported by comprehensive independent laboratory tests.

Tied arch lintel creation for windows, doors or patio doors.


Reinforced boundary wall.


  • Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel grade
  • Formed from single base rod.
  • Unique Hi-Fin profile provides large surface area to small cross section for high bond characteristics.
  • Enhanced tensile strength combined with flexibility to accommodate natural building movement.
  • Good ductility to follow contours and corners.
  • May be cut and formed on site for exact fit.
  • Wastage reduced with standard 7m lengths.
  • Continuous runs created with simple overlap.
  • Normal diameter for use in bed joints is 6mm.
  • Reduces masonry cracking resulting from ground movement, building settlement and shrinkage.
  • Improves seismic performance.
  • Creates integral lintels, even over long spans such as patio doors.
  • Reduces the number of piers in pier and beam construction.
  • Enables new architectural features to be built which are not feasible with un-reinforced masonry.
  • Allows brick garden walls to be constructed to minimise tree root damage.
  • Can be used for remedial repairs or to permit new apertures to be formed without using lintels or other means of support.
  • Suitable for use in all climatic regions including coastal and highly polluted areas.