New build cavity wall tie for timber frame constructions


TimTie is a stainless steel new build wall tie, with DD140 Type 3 and Type 6 compliance, for securing masonry to timber, through insulation, in timber frame constructions.

1. TimTies are installed as the outer leaf is constructed. Load tie into hand held or power support tool

2. Position the tool on the outer leaf masonry, where required

3. Drive the tie directly into the timber stud, through insulation where fitted. Fit the insulation retaining clip over the TimTie

4. Embed the outer end of the tie into the mortar of the new masonry leaf


Additional Advice

If your TimTie application involves a building of three storeys or more, call the Helifix Technical Sales Team for advice on 020 8735 5222.

  • One-piece grade 304 or 316 stainless steel tie.
  • Type 3 and Type 6 ties with self-tapping helical design.
  • Secure and lasting stress-free connection.
  • Rapid, easy hammer-driven installation, through insulation.
  • Suitable for use with ‘warm frame’ rigid insulation.
  • Great axial strength resists all wind loads.
  • Multiple drip points prevent cross cavity water transfer.
  • Excellent holding power in timber, mortar, masonry and resin.
  • Installed through insulation without affecting thermal properties.
  • Hammered directly into timber stud, exactly where required.
  • Rotational flexibility accommodates normal building movement.
  • No disturbance to newly laid brickwork.
  • No loosening of internal drywall fasteners.
  • Suitable for cavities up to 125mm.