For securing Timber or MDF to bricks, blocks and concrete


TurboFast is a versatile multi-purpose headless fixing, with great holding power, for securing timber or MDF to bricks, blocks and concrete.

TurboFast fixings have good edge distance characteristics with little tendency to split timber. In line with normal nailing practice, fixings should be kept away from edges and inserted not less than 30mm from ends. For a sound fix, timber should not be less than 19mm thick.

In line with good carpentry practice, we recommend that the fixings are never more than 600mm apart.

Where required, e.g. skirting boards prior to decoration, TurboFasts may be countersunk using a conventional nail punch.

TurboFast fixings can be driven directly through softwood and MDF but a small pilot hole may be necessary through hardwood and thicker softwood.

TurboFasts can be driven directly into aircrete and most light aggregate material but pilot holes must be drilled into hard masonry including brick, stone and concrete.

  • Skirtings, dado and picture rails 
  • Door frames, window frames, cills 
  • Battens to support kitchen cupboards 
  • Battens for radiator and shelf brackets 
  • Battens to support plasterboard 
  • Battens for external cladding
  • Battens for vertical tile hanging 
  • Fence and gate posts
  • Wall plates 
  • Timber posts and frames to concrete floors

Fixing skirtings, rails and trims to blocks through plasterboard or insulation.


Fixing battens to blocks to support kitchen cupboards.


Fixing window and door frames to bricks and blocks .


Fixing battens to bricks or blocks to support vertical tiling.


Fixing fence and gate posts to masonry.


Fixing battens and timber frames to walls and floors for insulated linings and suspended floors.

  • Structural or non-structural fixing 
  • Great strength and high performance
  • Excellent holding power
  • Stainless steel or zinc plated carbon steel
  • Rapid, easy installation
  • Hammer or power-driven
  • Self-tapping, stress-free connection
  • Not loosened by over hammering
  • Avoids splitting of blocks and timbers
  • Fully flush headless fixing
  • No pre-drilling with blocks or timber 
  • No plugs or screws required
  • No staining or streaking of surfaces
  • Economical – few fixings required
  • Approved by leading block manufacturers