New build cavity wall tie for securing outer leaf masonry to inner leaf blocks or interloacking panels


TurboTie is a new build stainless steel wall tie for rapidly securing outer leaf masonry to inner leaf aircrete blocks, interlocking panels and ‘thin joint’ systems, overcoming absent or misaligned mortar beds.

1. TurboTies are installed as the outer leaf is constructed. Load tie into hand held or power support tool


2. Position the tool on the outer leaf masonry, where required


3. Drive the tie directly into low density blocks, through the insulation
(a small pilot hole will be required if driving into bricks or concrete).
Fit the insulation retaining clip over the TurboTie


4. Embed the outer end of the tie into the mortar of the new masonry leaf


  • One-piece grade 304 or 316 stainless steel tie.
  • Rapid, easy, hammer or power driven installation.
  • Can be installed through insulation.
  • High performance stress-free connection.
  • Great axial strength resists all wind loads.
  • Multiple drip points prevent cross cavity water transfer.
  • Overcomes problems of absent or misaligned mortar beds and ‘thin joint’ bonds.
  • No splitting or cracking of blocks or panels.
  • No disturbance to green masonry.
  • No pre-drilling in aircrete; tie simply driven home.
  • Avoids need for expensive, two-part, rigid frame cramp ties.
  • Rotational flexibility accommodates normal building movement.