Remedial wall tie for use with thin wall far leaves and in buildings over four storeys high

CemenTie Components

CemenTie is a remedial wall tie system designed for use with thin wall and hollow block far leaves and in buildings over four storeys high.

System Components

  • CemenTies and sock sleeves
  • HeliBond cementitious grout
  • Applicator fitted with extension nozzle and sock sleeve
  • Drill bit
  • Plastic sleeves

1. Drill 12mm or 13mm diameter clearance hole depending on substrate (contact Helifix) in both leaves and flush clean


2. Place sock sleeve over end of grout gun CemenTie nozzle and insert into hole in far leaf


3. Inject sufficient grout to fill sock and expand it behind far leaf


4. Insert CemenTie, with plastic sleeve fitted, into fabric sock


5. When cured, test security of far leaf fixing, if required


6. Inject grout to fill hole in near leaf and make good



  • Where the far leaf is a thin wall hollow block or of poor quality
  • Particularly applicable from the fourth floor upwards to comply with resin-related fire concerns/safety requirements
  • CemenTie uses a grout-filled sock sleeve to provide a secure bond, grouted in both leaves

Remedial wall tie using expanded grout-filled sock in hollow block far leaf

  • Accommodates normal building movement
  • Able to bond with thin wall far leaf
  • Far leaf security of fixing easily proof tested
  • Effective in all common building materials
  • Tie, sock sleeve and grout create excellent bond
  • Very effective and economical solution
  • Efficient remedial wall tie for high rise blocks
  • Leaves building virtually unmarked
  • Minimal inconvenience to occupants
  • Multiple drip points prevent transfer of water across cavity