DryFix Asymmetric Tie

Secure soft outer leaf materials to a hard inner leaf, such as concrete


Asymmetric Tie is a dual diameter remedial tie that secures relatively soft outer leaf material to harder inner leaf material without stressing or fracturing fragile substrates.

1. Drill small pilot hole using rotary percussion drill, 3-jaw chuck type


2. Load tie into DryFix Power Driver Attachement fitted to SDS hammer drill


3. Drive in tie until outer end is fully recessed below face of masonry

Points to note

The following criteria are to be used unless specified otherwise:

a. Length of DryFix ties to be sufficient to accommodate width of near leaf + width of cavity + 75mm (less 8mm to allow for recessing below near leaf face by PDA)

b. Depth of pilot hole to be length of DryFix tie + 25mm

c. Diameter of pilot holes to be ascertained on site, by conducting pull-out tests, to determine diameter of tie and pilot holes to comply with the specification.

  • Developed specifically to secure relatively soft outer leaf material to a harder inner leaf, such as concrete or dense brick.
  • The asymmetric tie has a longer section with a standard diameter (8mm or 10mm) and a shorter reduced diameter section (6.5mm or 8mm respectively) which penetrates 75mm into the inner leaf via a small pilot hole.
  • It is installed in the same manner as standard DryFix ties to provide a rapid, reliable and concealed solution.
  • Does not stress or fracture fragile substrates
  • Requires only a small diameter pilot hole
  • Easy to install and fully concealed
  • No chemicals or expansion devices
  • Withstands cyclic loading
  • Accommodates differential movement
  • Usable in all weathers and temperatures