Seismic connector

For new build and remedial upgrades to meet seismic requirements


To enable buildings to meet current seismic standards and restore structural performance the DryFix system is used in conjunction with a special patented connector fitted to the tie end and connected laterally with HeliBar 45 stainless steel wire which is embedded into the outer leaf mortar.

In new build constructions these are installed as the outer leaf is constructed. The tie is driven into the far leaf, the connector fitted to the outer end of the tie and the HeliBar inserted before the next brick course is laid.

In remedial situations the DryFix ties are installed, in the standard manner, through the ‘T’ joint of the outer leaf mortar. The seismic connectors are fitted and then threaded together with HeliBar which is inserted into the channeled-out mortar joint and grouted in place.

Most other methods are designed for new construction only and are very disruptive in remedial situations, often requiring masonry to be dismantled and rebuilt. This is not the case with the Helifix system which is the only positive lock seismic connector with easy overlap for long runs.

  • Simple and straightforward to install
  • Easily tested for security of fixing in back-up material
  • Non-disruptive – requires no taking down and rebuilding
  • Strong, stress-free connection with back-up material
  • Additional strength created in outer leaf
  • Positive lock with easy overlap for long runs
  • Fully concealed and visually sympathetic